Our artist development programs are tailored to meet your needs. For example, the program
outlined on this page is a very affordable 8-week program and is designed to improve your live
performance, demo music, presentation and marketability, which makes you more attractive to
record labels. It starts with an evaluation of your vocal performance, stage presence, image, etc.
Then we provide coaching, development and the production of a 2 song demo written and produced
by talented writers and producers to improve all areas of your performance and presentation.

Program Overview

  • Vocal, performance and song evaluation
  • Career and vocal coaching
  • Development and studio production of 2 original hit-quality songs (includes 12 hours of studio
  • Over 20 separate rehearsals with musical director/producer*
  • Band agreement development (if needed)
  • Interviewing techniques
  • Image consulting with stylists
  • Professional photography
  • Bio writing
  • 100 Custom Press Kits (includes design, 8.5x11 Printed Folder, CD Sampler including the
    songs we produce for you, contact info, band info, photos, bio, logo, etc)
  • Live performance coaching/Choreography

This 8-week program costs only $800. We make it even easier by billing you 2 easy monthly
payments of $400 with
no set up charges or hidden fees. This is a great value to help advance your
Remember: This program can be customized to meet your specific needs, so the
price can vary.

The process is simple:

  1. Complete this form or the yellow "Information" button below.
  2. Contact us for answers to any questions you may have and to schedule a no obligation initial
    meeting or phone conference.
  3. We will then send you a written agreement. Sign the agreement and make your first payment
    of $400 online or by phone.

It is that easy! You will then be given a schedule based on your band’s availability as well as our
staffs’ availability. At the end of the 3-month period of development, your image, music and
performance will be greatly enhanced. You are now more presentable and marketable to record

Program Specifics
Week 1
Vocal, performance and song evaluation
Career coaching (on-going)
Setting Program Schedule (to be based on Clients’
availability and Diamant’s schedule)
Week 2
Vocal coaching
Band agreement development
Week 3
Interviewing techniques (videotaped for critique)Meetings
with producer (s) and songwriter(s) to develop new songs
for demo
Pre-production begins of 2 original hit-quality songs
Week 4
Pre-production of demo tracks continues  
Week 5
Image consulting
Rehearsal(s) for studio session
Week 6
Rehearsal(s) for studio session
Client in studio for production of demo tracks***
Bio writing
Week 7
Final mixing of studio tracks
Professional photography
Week 8
100 full-color press kits produced (includes design, 8.5x11
Printed Folder, CD Sampler - including the songs we
produce for you, contact info, band info, photos and
* Must be local to Atlanta, GA or Columbus,
OH. Housing is available for those traveling to
those locations for 2 months at additional cost.

* *Includes pre-production time, 12 hrs
studio/mix time. Addnl time billed at $35 p/hr

*** Based on your needs/genre.

****Re-ordering additional press kits just $2.70
each. Electronic Press Kits options also
available . Contact us for more info.
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