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New gospel music sensation Amenia Smiley is a rising star with a heart for the youth of America. Her lyrics
are positive and uplifting and her performances are high-energy - motivating youth to be their best and to
live for Christ.

Born Amy Kendrick in Dayton Ohio, Amiena is the youngest of nine siblings so she learned how to pull her
weight at an early age. She recalls her career path starting at the age of 3 when her siblings taught her
songs from the radio and recorded her vocals on a boom box. This recording was presented to her
mother as a Mother’s Day gift. From that point on, her mother made it a priority to cultivate Amiena’s
musical gift while still emphasizing her skills as a dancer. Numerous accolades, talent show titles and
contest winnings followed the talented and beautiful young woman through her high school years.

Like so many artists, Amiena grew up in the church. And like so many she decided to test the waters in
the secular music industry. At age of 12, her mother decided they should relocate to Atlanta in hopes that
this move would benefit her career. Amiena could barely plant her feet firmly before blazing her way into
performances at Phillips Arena, The Georgia Dome and as a principal dancer in David Banner’s video
“Crank It Up”.

Amiena has now answered her call to lead people to Christ through her music and is well on her way to
make a positive difference in the lives of many.
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