Artist & Product Development Program & Services
for Independent Record Labels, Managers,
Singers and Bands
(Because first impressions are still very important) It can be difficult and frustrating trying to figure out
what to do next to further your career. Everywhere you turn there is someone telling you they know
somebody or has a “cousin” in the business that can help you. But that does not always translate to
results. Most of the time it turns out that they are just all talk. Meanwhile more valuable time has just
passed you by. You know your music is at least as good (if not better) than some of the stuff out
there. And you have no doubt even invested your time and money by participating in “showcases” that
promise results, but deliver very little.

The fact is that many talented artists do not take the time to deal with development. They prefer to just
rush right into the recording studio and next thing you know, they and their best friends are gathered
around happily listening to the playback with no real plan of to what to do next. In their eagerness to
get their music out they have overlooked the importance of a career plan and they have no resource to
turn to help them further develop their art and present it to the right people.

Record labels used to have artist development departments that helped newly signed artists become
better performers and songwriters over time. Now most have all but done away with their artist
development departments and have replaced them with “Product Development” departments. In other
words, they expect you to be fully polished, understand the business and be ready to perform before
they will even take a look at you! Labels typically do not invest in making superstars anymore, unless
you are already one when you walk in the door. Their thinking is “why should we spend our money on
developing talent when we can spend it on marketing product and get a quicker return on our money?”
The few that are fortunate to get a deal now only have
one chance to generate a hit their first time out
or they run the risk of getting dropped.

A Solution
Diamant offers Artist Development programs and services to help fill this void. For independent labels
and managers, singers and bands we essentially
become your artist or product development
department. We provide a specific plan to help you advance your musical career and improve your
professional image and presentation. This puts you a better position to get noticed by the
real decision
makers in the music industry.

Labels and managers – Are your artists asking you what’s next or complaining that things are moving
too slow? We know how frustrating that can be for all involved. An additional benefit to having Diamant
as your Development Department is that we offer comprehensive development programs that helps
keep your artists busy, engaged and motivated while working towards their career goals - freeing your
time and resources for your next steps. When we work with your artist, we are not promoting
ourselves to the artist. We integrate our services into your operations, making what we offer a part of
you provide to the artist.
Bio writing
Music Production
Song Development
P.R.O. Registration
Vocal Coaching
Performance Coaching
Social Media Networking
(Facebook, Twitter,
Youtube, Myspace, etc)
Please note that the above services are also offered on an individual ala carte
Click here for and example of a comprehensive
Artist Development Program
Copyright and Song Registration
band agreements, etc.)
Album cover and related materials design
Manufacturing of a buzz single
Music Video Production
Web presence development
Radio airplay
Radio and print interviews
Distribution and Sales Arrangements
Our Artist Development Services includes: