While our business is to create outstanding entertainment for audiences worldwide, we feel equally responsible for making
a positive impact on the quality of life in and around our communities. As a result, Diamant Entertainment Group supports  
PurplePurse.com,among others, to provide assistance to victims of domestic violence. We also support community
outreach, volunteerism, and support for our communities' various civic, arts and cultural institutions.

Diamant Entertainment Group draws upon the diverse backgrounds and perspectives of its workforce for continued
success. Diamant Entertainment Group's respect for employee viewpoints and our focus on employee development
encourages a progressive and rewarding work environment.

We foster relationships within Diamant Entertainment Group as well as with external organizations, including civic groups
and educational institutions, in support of these ideals. Understanding, valuing and conducting business through a diverse
and inclusive mindset is key to our future.

Diamant Entertainment Group believes that all persons are entitled to equal employment opportunities, and our
commitment to providing equal employment opportunities extends to every aspect of the employment relationship.
Corporate Responsibility
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