Nothing compares to the startling sound of The Gospel Top 50 Billboard charting and Stellar Award nominated
group  Men  of  God’s  Heart.  Their  mission  is  to  bring the hearts of men back to God through the ministry of
Deliverance  and  Healing  through  the  power  of  God.  They  have actively been in ministry for over a decade.
The  group  is  multifaceted  in  several  areas  of  ministry  including  serving  as  Elders/Ministers  in their local
assembly and supporting men/and young men in the community. They  serve the community during the holidays
delivering   baskets   and   praying   with   the   less   fortunate.   They   are   truly  “Men  after  God's own  heart".
These   extraordinary   gifts   and   talents   are   examples  to  so  many  in  their  local  community  and  abroad.
This phenomenal group is comprised of  six  tremendously anointed men of God. Their unique talent transcends
one’s greatest expectations and leaves an indelible impression.  

Please meet the individuals who make up this extraordinary group. Elder Oscar J. Stone, III and Elder Ronald W.
Lyles, Jr.  are  natives  of  Columbus, Ohio. They are the remarkable founders of what is affectionately known as
MGH  to  their fan  base.  There  are four other equally talented brothers of the group, Marvin Miller Jr., Jonathan
Lyles,  all  of  whom  are  phenomenal  vocalists,  Jerold  Lyles  (percussionist),  and  Walter  Burger  (keyboard).
Each  member  of  Men  of  God’s  Heart are businessmen in their own right. Over half of the group serves in the
capacity of a Minster or Elder in their perspective churches. The other members of the group serve as musicians
and or Praise & Worship Leaders. All members have successfully written, produced or assisted with writing and
producing on their latest project and write and produce music for other artist as well.

Their  performance  credits  are  quite impressive and their vocal skills reveal a tremendous amount of expertise
and   depth.  They   have performed  with  some  of  the  worlds  most  legendary  and  celebrated  gospel  artists
such  as  
Lee  Williams  and The  Spiritual  QCs,  Doc  McKenzie  and  The Hi-Lites,  Keith  Wonder  Boy
Johnson,  Evelyn  Turrentine-Agee, Canton Jones, The Williams Brothers, The Alabama Boys, Damon
Little, Lowell Pie, Fred Hammond, Marvin Sapp, Pastor Wess Morgan, Pastor Kim Burrell, Bishop Race
Allen,   Lonnie   Hunter   and   Structure,   Ford   Memorial  Choir,  Dorinda  Clark  Cole,  The  Joy  Boys,
The Nevel Sisters
and their spiritual mentor, The Bolton Brothers to name a few.

If   you   ever  get  a  chance  to  encounter  one  of  these  amazing men,  you  will  see  character  and  integrity
When they minister there is a ushering in the spirit of deliverance and healing. You will not be the same when
you have  a  chance to witness  and  listen  to  the powerful  ministry of MGH.  They have had great success with
their sophomore album entitled “Men of Gods Heart” and there is so much more to come.
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