In Development
It's Just Us is a new television daytime talk show being developed by Dresden Street
Productions and CSB Management Group. Described as “The View” meets “The
Oprah Winfrey Show”,  
It's Just Us is hosted by Charlene Bowden and co-hosted by
Lauren Lopez De Azua
and Samantha Welton - a team of dynamic women of different
experiences and perspectives who come together to discuss the most talked about
events and issues of the day and conduct entertaining and informative interviews with
compelling figures in the news.
Dresden Street Productions is developing a new and exciting television series television
series called
Sunday Gospel Brunch. (working title)

Sunday Gospel Brunch features live performances of the best upcoming Gospel music
artists of our times as well as showcasing the upcoming stars of Gospel music. The show
is currently being filmed across the country.
Up Next is a new television series being developed by Dresden Street Productions. Up
showcases exclusive performances and conversations with rising stars in
contemporary music and film.

Produced in an intimate informal setting in Atlanta,
Up Next dedicates each hour to the
body of work of a single artist or group, featuring not only current releases but also the
projects that defined and built careers.
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Cooking with JuJu McCarty is a televised cooking show being developed by Robert
Williams and Dresden Street Productions. The show features recipes from author and
host JuJu McCarty.