Thank you for your interest in e-blasts from the Diamant Promotions Team. Presently, we reach 10,000+ members and fans of the
entertainment community (film and television executives, record company executives, distributors, retail stores, urban/gospel radio
stations and announcers, magazines, newspapers, web sites and television stations) in addition to those on Twitter and Facebook .
Email and social networks remain the most powerful tools for marketing, branding, direct response and for building customer
relationships. We would appreciate the opportunity to promote your event, release, client or business nationally and internationally,
helping you to achieve your marketing and promotions goals.

•  No additional direct mail cost
•  Increase the effectiveness of your print promotions
•  Build customer loyalty through frequent communication
•  Drive online and in-store sales through E-Mail

All designs must be professionally designed and approved by the Diamant Promotions Team.  No nudity or offensive language. We
reserve the right to refuse any submission of poor quality or that would compromise the integrity of our services.

1. Email the following to;

- Your name and phone number

- Your text (600 words or less- bio or press release)

- No more than two graphics-  Image Size: Maximum size of 600 X 800
File Size: Maximum size of 100k, we will compress as needed
Resolution: All files submitted must be at least 72 dpi  
Color Mode: All files must be in RGB color mode

- One
sound link or mp3 audio of no longer than 30 seconds (if you are promoting music or other media)

URL links to website/facebook/twitter

Contact information (booking/management/radio servicing/publicity). Include links to website or Facebook page

2. Include the dates you want your e-blast distributed

3. Proofread: Make sure that all TEXT is in MS Word or email format and properly formatted with spell check. Double check your text.
We do not make changes to your content

4. Include in the subject line: Eblast Order

5. Make your payment via credit card or Paypal using one of the secure selections. You will be emailed a receipt

Your e-blast sent to 10,000+ members and on Diamant's Facebook and Twitter accounts ONCE             

Your e-blast sent to 10,000+ members and on Diamant's Facebook and Twitter accounts TWICE            

Diamant Promotions Team Special:
Your e-blast sent to 10,000+ members and on Diamant's Facebook and Twitter accounts FIVE TIMES   

We will send you a proof for approval. Failure to respond within 48 hours will delay the delivery of your eblast. We have complete control
over the subject line. We prefer to select the subject line due to the spam rules. You can suggest a subject line, however, we are not
obligated to use it.

We do not support the flash plugin, we cannot send any email containing embedded flash media.

The appearance of your email is not guaranteed in web mail applications. Most web mail providers remove some code before displaying
the message in order to view the html messages at their highest quality.

Sound does not play in every email platform. Diamant is not responsible if your email provider prevents sound from playing.

Sound does not start automatically. We provide a link to all sound files.

SPAM is a fact of life. Different email platforms filter out different messages based on various criteria. Diamant Promotions cannot control
what your email provider filters. For examples what constitutes  spam on Gmail may be perfectly fine on Yahoo.

DOUBLE, TRIPLE, & QUADRUPLE PROOF YOUR PROMO- Please make sure that there are no typos, all names are spelled correctly,
and all links are working.

Delivery dates cannot be given until the promo is finalized.

No Refunds. If you have any problems with our service, please email and we will make it right. Remember there are NO REFUNDS.

TEXT- Proofread
GRAPHICS- Correct Format
AUDIO FILE  - Music or commercial as mp3- (if necessary)
LINKS TO WEBSITES- Double check your links
CONTACT INFORMATION- interviews, bookings, publicity, etc.

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