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Eva Jane Bunkley is a 2-time Emmy award winning celebrity makeup artist and award winning filmmaker. Her
films have earned many awards in major film festivals across the country.  Her film credits include the Crazy?
Mary James: The Preacher Lady of Riverdale".

Eva’s career as a 2-time Emmy award winning makeup artist made her the preference of presidents, TV and
movie stars, musicians, magazines and film studios. A partial list of her credits:
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If you ask anybody in the Riverdale, Georgia area about The Preacher Lady on Highway 85, nine out of ten
people will know who you are referring to and you are guaranteed to spark some interesting conversation. Most
have seen her but few have bothered to talk to her to find out their number one question...Is She Crazy? This 20
minute documentary leave you to draw your own conclusion about Mary James, also known as: The Preacher
Lady of Riverdale.  
Diamant congratulates Eva Jane Bunkley on "Is She Crazy?! Mary James: The Preacher
Lady of Riverdale" winning the San Diego Christian Film Festival
EVA JANE BUNKLEY | Director/Filmaker/Inventor
Films from Eva Jane Bunkley
A woman who, as a child, spent three days alone with her mother's dead body, uncovers family secrets of her
mothers riches to rags story of unending addictions. Through a series of interviews, hypnosis, tracking down her
estranged father and her faith, she tries to achieve healing and closure.
All Hell breaks loose in this quirky short thriller when Seth brings his fiancée, Robin, home for the first time to
meet his, anything but traditional, family. Written, Produced and Directed by Award-Winning Filmmaker, Eva
Jane Bunkley, this short film will have you guessing the entire 38 minutes!
Eva is the creator of "The Makeup Bullet", the newest innovation in cosmetic sponge design. "The Makeup
Bullet's" patent-pending innovative design makes it the most practical and functional cosmetic sponge yet since it
fits snugly on the wearers finger with a tip that easily applies and blends makeup to every part of the face! Never has
a sponge facilitated application and blended with such ease, control and speed with flawless results like that of
professional makeup artists.