Imagine a network where viewers will never have to surf through 500+
channels on multiple platforms just to find a show they are interest in,
and instead just have one place to go to find their favorite shows.

Well, this Television Network
is already operating, has TV programs
and movies airing and is competing with Hulu, Amazon Prime and

Now Geneve Capital Partners is pleased to present the opportunity
for investors to become a part of this innovative TV Network.
Our client is seeking $500,000 in additional capital for marketing and
further infrastructure development from a single investor or from up
to 5 investors.
TV Network Seeks $500,000 Investment
This is an ad supported TV Network with a very strong management team and is viewable on over 50 million smart TVs worldwide,
through an “App” on any smart mobile device and on the Web. It features a data driven commerce function that engages viewers.
This Network provides worldwide viewer choice access to original content at no cost to the viewer and is the only Network to carry
local broadcast content globally. It is also a resource for producers of original content including broadcasters.
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How this network is different:

  • 100% non-subscription ad-supported network
  • Viewer data right down to street level with a 24/7 updated data dashboard
  • Direct agreements with content owners eliminating high cost licensing and major capex investment requirements
  • No legal or contractual airing restrictions
  • 24/7 scheduling so viewers can watch any show any time (not available from other OTT, OTA or Cable Networks)
  • Non-invasive, non-distracting point-of-purchase (PoP) “buy now” ability right from the TV or device screen
  • No “greenlighting” allowing story tellers, catalog owners, sporting leagues, entertainers, and brands to monetize content while
    retaining total control of their creative effort and brand
  • Real time access to consumer data that content producers and advertisers require
  • Instant knowledge of what a consumer wants from an advertiser and brand without invasive requirements
  • A one stop, go-to destination for consumers eliminating fragmentation, frustration and confusion

Again, this Television Network is already operating and is airing TV shows and movies. Complete the form to the right above
for more information on this opportunity. Formal offerings, including complete business plans, are available only in response
to serious inquiries.
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