Entertainment vehicles are becoming even more lucrative investment ventures and we are open to investors and
partners to help achieve our objectives.  There are multiple levels of investment and partnership opportunities
available to fund, manage and capitalize on the rights of film, TV, music projects and “one-off” projects like single
music concert promotions.

Our growth will be achieved by continuing to partner with proven talented entertainment producers including writers,
filmmakers and other creatives. This strategy increases our global production and distribution capabilities and it also
allows us the opportunity to become the partner of choice to producers and talent in music, film and television

Through its brands, Diamant is engaged in the development, acquisition, production, and distribution of
entertainment-related content for film, television, music, live events and publishing interests worldwide. The company
also provides management services to a select group of musicians, models, film and television actors, filmmakers,
television personalities, including Emmy Award® winners. Diamant is also developing a
television network, which
will debut in 2018. The network will produce and distribute premium content to cable, broadcast and digital platforms
alike. Diamant, a wholly-owned subsidiary of
Geneve Capital Partners.

If you are interested in investing in a Diamant production, or want to explore opportunities to be a
financial partner with us, please contact us at
contact@diamantent.com. Production information and
formal offerings, including complete business plans for our productions and projects, are available
only in response to serious inquiries