Melinda "JuJu" McCarty is available as a cooking segment guest for  
TV and radio programs and for book signings. Utilizing her outgoing
personality, interviewing skills and vast knowledge of country music,
she is also available to host country music TV programs and events.

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Coming Soon - Cooking with JuJu McCarty, a televised cooking
show being developed by Dresden Street Productions. The show
features recipes from author and host JuJu McCarty.

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Click here for a printable version of JuJu's bio
Click below for a
printable version
of JuJu's bio
TV personality, cook and cookbook author Melinda “JuJu” McCarty was born in High Point, NC. Her mother and grandmother, whose ancestral heritage
includes German, Irish, Cherokee and Italian, serve as strong influences on her cooking. "I grew up surrounded by wonderful cooks” she states. Never one
to back down from a challenge, Melinda also served as a corrections officer for a Georgia state prison. But she eventually found her way back to her first
love - cooking and opened a restaurant in Barnesville, GA.

In 2013, Melinda signed a deal with Diamant Entertainment Group and Dresden Street Productions to host a TV show.  The show, “Cooking with JuJu
McCarty,” is currently in production and will be marketed with the goal of becoming a syndicated daytime TV talk show. There are many cooking shows on
television and countless recipe books. But what sets her show apart from the crowd is simply Melinda being herself. People love her because her easy
approach to cooking, her down-to-earth style and engaging personality is what they can relate to.

Melinda does not present herself a chef. She respects those in the culinary arts that have formal education and experience. She considers herself to
simply be a southern cook that finds value in the cooking traditions of the South. Her recipes and cooking methods are practical, simple and fun. Her
typical dishes only include ingredients one would find in the average kitchen and the local supermarket. She understands that time is a most-valued
commodity that people struggle with in today’s times. She states “Having fast, easy to prepare meals gives families more time to spend together at the
dinner table”.  

Melinda is currently working on her first cookbook which is to be released in early 2014. She is also developing her own signature Bar-B-Q sauces that will
go on sale just in time for the summer cook-out season. Her management is also positioning her for product endorsements.

Melinda shares cooking tips, shopping advice, and recipes on her website  and her Facebook page www.facebook.
. She resides with her family in Barnesville, GA just south of Atlanta.
Click here for a printable version of JuJu's bio
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