and  practices.  We  can  handle  all  your  needs  and cover the mechanism to properly
license and clear content. We provide full  accounting from sales generated from online
music retailers. We also help manage, account and pay the respective music publishing

Why do labels and online music sellers need this service?

Record  labels  and  in  many  instances  online  music  retailers are required to license,
account, and pay publishers for physical pressings and digital sales. Unlike much of the
rest  of  the  world,  the  online music retailers are not required to clear these publishing
rights.  Furthermore, a  company  must  be  US-based to affiliate with Harry Fox Agency
(HFA), as well  as  maintain constant communication with non-HFA publishers to ensure
seamless transactions. Effective in-house licensing solutions require extensive
employee-hours  and  operating  costs,  while inefficient practices incur substantial liability
and can
lead to costly litigation.

Save Time, Save Money, Sell More Content

Diamant Music Licensing functions as an agent for labels and online music retailers in
clearing licenses with publishers. Our licensing team is able to save time and money by
reducing overhead costs while facilitating the availability of more content for sale through
US channels.

Additional Benefits

·        * Conflict resolution with publishers, should any arise
·        * Full accounting support for licensing and royalties
·        * Retroactive accounting & licensing
·        * Full transparency

We can help.
Contact us if you need help in positioning your music to generate revenue.
Music Licensing offers outsourced music publishing licensing  and royalty solutions to
both  record  labels  and  online  music  retailers who distribute and  sell  content. These
services provide a complete end-to-end solution for research and licensing of publishing,
clearances, license administration, royalty calculation and accounting to publishers.

We can help you  with music clearance & licensing issues in obtaining music permissions
for your:
  • Major or indie feature or short films
  • For profit or non-profit documentaries
  • Television series, specials or infomercials
  • Television, Radio or Internet advertisement s & commercials
  • Corporate Industrial In-House or external promotional or
    informational audio-visual projects
  • Digital media & new emerging technology projects
  • Mobile phone content such as ringtones, and other audio/visuals  
  • Live performance such as live concert, music festivals, dance, ballet
    or theatrical productions
  • Mechanical licensing, CD soundtracks and compilations
  • Music sample and music video clearances
  • Non-profit fundraising campaigns and PSA's
M u s i c   S e r v i c e s