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Metadata ensures that your songs are ready for distribution and release. It is used by every
major device and music streaming application including smart phones, Amazon, Spotify,
Apple Music, YouTube and other major online music services. Metadata also helps music
supervisors contact you if they want to use your song in a commercial, a movie or a
television show.

Simply put, metatdata makes your music discoverable. This is especially important to
independent artists. Metadata includes information like artist, genre, label, song titles, album
name and track numbers.

Your music royalties are also dependent on your metadata. Without the correct data attached
to your music, you run the risk of not receiving the proper credit and revenue for you streams.

Ideally the best time to add your metadata information is when the song is being mixed in the
studio and the process is very simple. But what if you didn't take this step? Or what if you
want to re-release the song with new or edited information?
We can help in just 3 easy steps!

1. Complete the form below
2. Make your payment
3.  Email us your MP3

Price is only $45 and our turnaround time is usually less that 48 hours. We can even edit
your existing metadata information.
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