Note: For each song, you must
purchase license for at least
300 copies. We do not issue
fewer than 300 copies.
Name of the song you wish to obtain license for
(a separate form must be completed for each song)
Artist(s) that will be performing this new recording
Type of License? (select all that apply)
What Configuration(s)? (select all that apply)
How many total copies of the recording with you make?
(All formats together, for example: 500 CDs, 500 Cassettes, and 500
LPs would be 1500 Recordings.) Note:
We have a 300 unit minimum
Title of  your album?
(Enter "unknown" if not
yet released)
Name of the label/organization distributing the album?
If applicable, please supply UPC (bar code) and Product number
Compact Disc (CD) UPC #
Record/Product Number
Please provide ISRC code if available; if not, leave blank.
Playtime: The exact playing time of that
particular song, as your artist(s) will record the
song, in minutes and seconds.
Min   Sec
Release date:
Company/Band (who is requesting the license?)
Address Line 2
Postal/Zip Code
In most cases for a mechanical license the
current legal statutory amount for mechanical
licenses, which is 0.0910

For each song licensed we also assess a
$20 processing fee. (This fee is not required
if you are renewing a license).

An example of a calculation for a mechanical
0.0910 x 500 (units) = $45.40
Processing fee         =
Total                               $65.40

1. Select the song

2. Complete the form

3. Once we receive your completed form, we
will email you with the total amount due as
well as a secure link for your payment. (see
above for an example).

4. Once payment is received your license will
be emailed to you within 2 hours.
Current Statutory Rates
physical recordings (such as CDs) and
permanent digital downloads is 9.10 Cents
per copy for songs 5 minutes or less or 1.75
Cents per minute or fraction thereof, per copy
for songs over 5 minutes.

The statutory mechanical royalty rate for
ringtones is 24¢ per copy.

The rates for
interactive streams and limited
downloads are determined by a number of
factors. These include service offering type,
licensee type, service revenue, recorded
content expense, and applicable performance
royalty expense. Contact us for a table of rates.
Request a quote or obtain licenses from Valiant Hits Publishing Company (ASCAP)
and Gift Music Company (BMI)