The following sections are included in every Standard Business Plan:

Executive Summary
Company History
Business or Product Description
Key Issues
Market, Industry and Competitive Analysis
Implementation Strategy
Management Plan
Financial Plan and Projections
Resource Requirements

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Raising funds to support a business vision is one of the first and most daunting hurdles entrepreneurs
face as they look to build a company. A Wise custom-crafted Investor Business Plan is tailor-made to
showcase your startup or expansion concept as you work to acquire funding from investors. If you’re
looking  to raise  capital  through  equity funding  from venture  capitalists (VCs),  angel  investors or
private investors, an Investor Grade Business Plan is the right choice for you.

Venture Capital Business Plan:
Venture capital is a term denoting funds provided to high-risk, high-potential companies in the start-up
growth stage. Venture capital investment firms get a return on their investment by owning equity
in  the  company  being  funded. VC firms frequently pool third-party funds together to support their
investments. Venture capitalists are most commonly interested in innovative technologies that have
the potential to generate high rates of return at an early stage. Venture capital is often attractive to
newer companies with limited capital to launch their company to the next level.

Angel Investor Business Plan:
Just like the name implies, angel investors are usually successful entrepreneurs or wealthy business
people looking to swoop in and invest in a good opportunity. They most frequently support companies
in the same or a complementing industry.  Angel investors have a more intimate, involved relationship
with the companies they invest in and often expect to be more hands-on than a venture capitalist firm
would. This person-to-person interaction can make angel investors a good option for small companies
or an inexperienced entrepreneur seeking a more mentorship-based investment relationship.

Private Investor Business Plan:
Private investors are individuals and therefore have very personal motivations that vary as much as
people themselves do. Private investors are often found within a business owner’s personal circle of
influence and can be anyone from family and friends to professional investors and speculators. A
private investor is typically looking to lend a company money at a better rate of return than that of
conventional funding sources; especially in the case of family members and friends, where their
financial risk is often greater.

Regardless of the kind of investor you hope to approach, asking someone to offer money in support of
your vision is a big request. From high-profile investors to family members offering their savings to help
you reach your dream, every potential investor deserves to understand the opportunities and risks
involved with your company.

An Investor Grade Business Plan is usually at least 35-40 pages in length, including color charts and
graphs, and consists of the following components:
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A business plan is the most important calling card an entrepreneur can have. It has to be true to the company while
presenting  your  marketing, operating  and financial analysis in  the most  impressive package  possible to help you
secure funding and to express your vision. However, while securing funding   is  important,  the  main emphasis  is  
helping to  position your business  for  growth  and sustainability -
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My methodology  starts  with  obtaining  a  thorough understanding of  your  industry  and  of your   business. Every  
business  is  different  and  so  are  its  needs. Your  business  plan  has to be  an  accurate  reflection of  the values,
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a few of my business clients
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