Anointed Sons of God
Christopher Thompson
Darin Allen
The Disciples of Christ
Kaiser Jones
Five Star Harmonizers
New Salem MBC
Nia Allen
NIchole Davis
Robbie Lyles
Bish Roger Hairston and VOD
Ronnie Hoard
Spiritual Voices of Columbus
Stephen Michael Phillips

Columbus, Ohio is a city rich in culture, talent and purpose. The
expression of the Gospel through music has a major presence and
rich history in Columbus. Not only in our many places of worship,
but it is also entrenched in our very lives, neighborhoods and the
gathering places of our city. It is in our blood.

The songs on this recording are as varied as our community and
they reflect the many experiences and perspectives of the artists
performing them. Columbus should be proud of this representation
of the spirit of our city. We want to emphasize that this recording
only scratches the surface of the Gospel music talent in
Columbus, Ohio. There are many talented artists not represented
on this recording, many of whom have releases and perform
frequently throughout the city and across the country. We
encourage you to support them as often as you can. SoundForce
Gospel Records intends to continue to showcase what Columbus
has to offer. Stay tuned for CGV2!

Produced by Robert Williams
Volume 1
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